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Training frequency for building muscle:

Having been in and about gyms and fitness facilities for the last 20 years I do know a little about lifting weights and training for building muscle naturally. I say naturally because, lifting weights, bodybuilding or specifically the latter has always dominated peoples opinions of how to train. Unfortunately this type of training has been taken out of context by average joes or weekend warriors in the gym who think that by following Phil Heath’s or big Rami’s workout routines will get them looking exactly like them without fully understanding WHAT or WHY they are following that particular program. Thankfully science and common sense is now starting to reach the fitness industry with regards to training to build muscle.

Frequency Is your muscle building friend:

Which brings me to my point. Lack of training frequency for each muscle group is a major reason most average joes will not build the muscle they are looking for. Training frequency includes the amount of times a muscle is worked over the course of a week or month lets say. So, training chest on a Monday and then training it again only on the Monday will not provide the required amount of stimulus for optimal muscle growth. The stimulus is too far apart. So we would have a big stimulus on the Monday that would most likely start to dip after 48 hours. Then no stimulus for another 7 days. I hope you can see that there is absolutely no logic in this approach to building muscle for the average Joe.

See most of the muscle building advice is from professional bodybuilders and half truths from magazines which don’t apply to the average person in the street. Professional bodybuilders are genetically gifted as well as chemically enhanced which puts them at a greater advantage to building muscle than the average person. Magazines only have a duty to sell their magazine and don’t have your overall best interest and health at heart.  This is why we should not just pick training programs from websites or magazines because normally they are too advanced and have too much volume which will ultimately end with some sort of overuse injury.

See professional bodybuilders can cope with the volume and get a massive stimulus from training any muscle group only once per week. heck,  nowadays  I don’t think even the best body builders train chest once a week.  They now understand there is more benefit to be had from training the muscle more frequently with more of a plan of how many sets , reps and exercises they will  be performing over the weeks and months. The day that you understand your not a pro bodybuilder is the day you’ll start to see a clearer path to building a decent body.

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At Elite Personal Training:

See at Elite we design individualised training and nutrition plans to suit the everyday person who has a busy work and family life. Therefore we need to plan carefully the exercises and training volume to maximise their time in the gym. The reason why we try to hire experienced qualified personal trainers is that they usually have been on the same path as their client when it comes to building muscle. They understand that its difficult to build muscle and lose fat whilst not being genetically gifted or wanting to eat chicken and broccoli 6x per day , 7 days per week.  We understand that life gets in the way but are 100% honest with our clients of what we see is capable of achieving within 1 month or 6 month. We make it easier by offering unlimited premium personal training at half the price. Therefore our clients have the luxury of training with an expert coach up to 6x per week.  We are learning everyday what works for our clients in terms of training program design and nutrition.

What we know for sure is that frequency for building muscle is far superior!Personal training gyms near me

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