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Internationaly certified expert coaches
Professionaly designed training program
Individualised nutrition plan
VIP Parking
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  • Semi-Private

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    A semi private training is where you will train at a time that suits your schedule with up to 7 other elite members under the guidance and skillful eye of 2 of our expert coaches! Now, remember although you may train with a friend or other members. You will have your own specific blueprint that is different from other elite members. We understand that every member is unique and that’s why we individually assess and design training programmes that are specific to that clients needs! Our expert coaches take their time to put the correct exercises, reps, sets and tempos together. They then ensure every time you train that you execute those exercises to the best of your ability!
    Benefits of semi-private

  • Group Training
    Class- GT 12

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    We know some clients want results quickly! Thats why we have created the GT12 FAT LOSS System. This is a comprehensive 4 phase FAT LOSS training and nutrition Programme designed to TRANSFORM your body in only 12 weeks. Each phase builds on the other getting more intense every 3 weeks. Just like the amazing Porsche GT this program will GET you in shape FAST! Over the 12 weeks you will train either at 6am or 7am in a group with like minded individuals 4x per week. These sessions are specifically designed to maximise FAT LOSS and will push you to your limits!


At Elite we understand that we are a new company and concept here in Abu Dhabi. Also, that you maybe unsure if Semi private training is for you. That’s why we have created the 6 Day Test Drive. We want you to have full access to our exclusive gym for 6 days with all the benefits of our fully paid members. This 6 day trial includes a fully comprehensive evaluation that helps you to determine where your body is at NOW.

This gives you and our coaches crucial information on how we will design your training and nutrition plan if you decide to join our world class gym. Now, if you decide to join our facility for 6 or 12 month we will discount the price of the test drive for your membership no questions asked!


*All inclusive of 5% tax

Only 31500 AED
(5 payments of 6300 AED)
Unlimited personal training (288 sessions over 12 months)
Elite success session (Nutrition and fitness consultation)
Body composition analysis (every 3 weeks to keep you on track)
Individualised program design (updated every 4 weeks)
Individualised nutrition plan (specific to your current goal)
Only 15750 AED
(4 payments of 3937.5 AED)
Unlimited personal training (144 sessions over 6 months)
Elite success session (Nutrition and fitness consultation)
Body composition analysis (every 3 weeks to keep you on track)
Individualised program design (updated every 4 weeks)
Individualised nutrition plan (specific to your current goal)
Only 7875 AED
(2 payments of 3937.5 AED)
Unlimited personal training (72 sessions over 3 months)
Elite success session (nutrition and fitness consultation)
body composition analysis (every 3 weeks to keep you on track)
Individualized program design (updated every 4 weeks)
Individualized nutrition plan (specific to your current goal)
Only 3003 AED
One month package


Level Adjustment

What makes PrimeFitness equipment unique is that it has new technology called smartcam and torque arm. This means you can change something called the strength curve of each machine. All other brands only have one strength curve we have 5 using smart cam!

Dumbbells Rack

Watson strength equipment can be found in some of the best personal training facilities across the world. They are famous for their Professional Dumbbells which they individually design for each of their clients. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger has his own Watson Dumbbells. They are world class that’s why we wanted their dumbbells at our Elite gym. I think you’ll agree the Watson DB is a fine piece of art!

The coaches

At Elite we are all about the team and providing our members with an outstanding experience. That's why we take the time to carefully select our coaches from around the world.

We only hire coaches who fit with our company core values and have the experience and education to enhance our Elite team.

As well as having a rigorous selection process we also require our coaches to continuously upgrade their knowledge so that they can design their training and nutrition programmes using the latest exercise and nutritional science.

  • Head Coach and Co-Founder - James Canning: James Canning from Scotland has now been in the UAE for over 3 years. Coach James has a BA in Sports Development and has travelled the world to develop his knowledge of both fitness and business over the last 10 years. Coach James has over 20 years experience of training experience within exercise, fitness and nutrition.
  • Senior Coach - Sean Stevens: Sean from South Africa is very talented rugby player who has Honours degree in sports science and biomechanics. Sean has been personal training and coaching for over 5 years now. Sean takes his training seriously and applies this to his coaching with very precise teaching of each exercise technique all our Elite Clients.
  • Senior Coach - Charlie Kennedy: Charlie from Scotland was recruited from David lloyd Glasgow as their head coach. Charlie is a very talented eye for coaching each individual person having been in the fitness industry for over 10 years. Charlie has also Bsc Exercise and Health Science. Also further qualifications in strength and Conditioning and vast experience of coaching young tennis athletes.
  • Senior Female Coach - Fiona Kennedy: Coach Fiona also has a first class honour degree in Sports Science and recently won David Lloyds coach of the year. Almost 10 years in the industry Fiona has outstanding knowledge in female fatloss and getting her clients in top shape. As a coach Fiona gives all her clients 100% care and attention and never misses a rep.


Flat Bench Dumbbell Press

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Benefits of semi-private

Semi private training has a number of advantages:

  • Client train at a time that suits their schedule!
  • Client pays less!
  • Client is more motivated training with 2 coaches and other Elite members!
  • Improved RESULTS as training in small groups increases client effort!
  • Less distraction as everyone in our gym is focused on RESULTS!
  • More fun and enjoyment when training and celebrating success together as a team!