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Elite Personal Training will be the first world class semi private personal training facility in Abu Dhabi and the Middle East. Our vision is to be the best semi private personal training facility in the Middle East which delivers client results faster and better than anyone else in Abu Dhabi.

The main focus of our training and nutrition programming will be helping our clients lose fat, build muscle and feel better. We want to provide a facility with elite coaches who are professional and passionate about both their clients and the fitness industry.

We aim to create a training environment which is comfortable, not too busy, where you can have fun, and enjoy your training. When you personal train in our facility there will never be anymore than 12 clients at the one time. Lastly, we want our facility to be a place where people love to train because they feel confident, comfortable and welcome every time they enter our facility.

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Elite Core Values

  1. Team Work and communication:Our facility will be all about working together as a team. This will allow us to be effective and efficient in our everyday actions at the gym. to be effective and efficient we also need to communicate all details big and small. This can be a 2 minute chat, 1 hour meeting. By what’s app, email etc…if you see something worth communicating then do it right away and don’t leave till a time where it’s too late!
  2. Professionalism: From the second we walk through the doors of Elite we must act and behave in a professional manner. Understand that we will be judged by our clients with everything we do and say.
  3. Education: Critical to becoming a world class facility. We have world class strength equipment and we must strive to match that with our team. This can only be achieved through constant education on wanting to learn more. If you think you know everything about strength, hypertrophy, fat loss training then you CANNOT BE an Elite team member.
  4. Honesty and Integrity: As a team we must be honest with ourselves and clients. At times this can be difficult but one that will allow us to build strong rapport and long lasting relationships with everyone who becomes part of the Elite family. If we want Elite to be a successful brand for now and in the future then honesty and integrity must shine through from every member of our team.
  5. Enthusiasm and Energy: Your either an Energy sucker or an Energy giver! We must all bring energy and enthusiasm to our job and each other. We must make our clients want to come back! When your team member or clients are having a bad day. Change their mood with energy and enthusiasm.
  6. Be proactive not reactive: Don’t just be a coach or a receptionist and think your done. At Elite everyone must become more! If your everyday roles and responsibilities are taken care of then think ahead to tomorrow. Or even better, what can you do to help make someone else’s life easier within the facility at that present moment. There is always something to be done!
  7. Celebrate Success together: No matter wether it seems BIG or SMALL, we must create community within with our team and clients by celebrating everything from birthdays, PRs on gym floor, clients losing weight. Team who celebrates together wins together!
  8. Profitability: Every member of our team must be proactive in trying to make our business profitable. Without profit we will not be in business for long! Therefore it’s everyone’s job to over deliver on results and service which will ensure we retain our current members and WOW our future members.
  9. Customer service: Do not forget that we are in a service industry. Our customers are the life and soul of our business. We want people to feel at home and looked after every step of their journey. There is a very famous saying “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them FEEL!
  10. Sense of humor and fun: Take your job serious but not yourself. Having a sense of humor is crucial within our industry. If your client is laughing then your doing something right. Do a professional job and work together and we will have a fun environment in which our team and members can enjoy and relax.

Background of semi private personal training

At Elite we are changing the way fitness is done by adopting the semi private personal training model which is a concept taken from one of the most successful semi private gyms in California named Results Fitness. Semi-private personal training is a change in the way clients will train with a fitness coach. The client will have the possibility of training with up to 7 other clients under the guidance and coaching of 2 highly qualified and experienced coaches every single time they train within our private facility. So in essence it’s what we call an 8:2 ratio with respect to client and coach.

Semi private training has a number of advantages:

  1. Client has more opportunity to train at a time with a coach that suits their schedule.
  2. Client will pay less for their personal training over the period in which they decide to train.
  3. Client will be more motivated when training at the same time as other clients who may be trying to achieve the same goal as themselves.
  4. Increased results for the clients as research shows that people who train together in small group setting are more motivated by each other which produces better results.
  5. Less boredom for coach and client as they will have opportunity to interact with other coaches and clients during their session. This creates more fun and team spirit.
  6. More accountability for client meaning less cancellations for the facility and coach as they will be showing up for both the coach and the friends that they have made within that hour if they normally train at the same time.

Now, although clients will train at the same time together, they will have completely individualized training programmes. This is what will set us apart from any other facility which trains people in groups or classes where usually every person is doing the same exercises,for either the same reps or prescribed time, with the exact generic exercises. Our individual programme design will be one of the unique selling points of Elite Fitness.

Individualized Training

Every prospect that walks through the doors of Elite Fitness will be thoroughly assessed and tested on their current physical conditioning, training and nutritional history. There will be 3 parts to this process. The first being a discovery questionnaire so that the coach or sales person can find out as much information as they can about the clients past and current training history. Secondly, the client will have a body composition test using body fat calipers, measuring tape and weight scale and if possible photos of clients current body shape. This will provide us with our clients starting point and a chance to show them how we can help them achieve their goal. Lastly, the client will be assessed on the gym floor for mobility, flexibility, strength and conditioning levels. This will provide us with the information on how we will design their training programme over the next 3-12 months if they become a member of our facility.

Individualized nutrition

Every new client will have an individualized nutrition plan which will be their guide for 6 month or 12 month. This plan will be structured on nutritional science from the world renowned Precision Nutrition System which looks at nutrition from 3 main goals: health, performance, body composition. As our clients body shape and goal changes then so will their nutrition plan. This will ensure every client has the opportunity to gain the their best ever body composition results whilst training at Elite Fitness. Not only will every client have their own individualized nutrition plan but they will have the opportunity to attend monthly healthy eating nutritional seminars with other members who have the same goal. During these seminars the clients will have their body composition reassessed to see if they are hitting their targets and achieving their goals. Again these seminars will be crucial in providing support for our clients and increasing the success of both our clients and the facility.



The difference between our facility and a normal gym apart from we are personal training only. Is that every piece of equipment within our facility has been specifically chosen. Our belief is that every piece of equipment that we purchase must be seen as the best tool to get our clients their best ever results. Every trainer at our Elite facility understands why and how to use that equipment. This means no long lines of treadmills or cross trainers. No pointless abductor or adductor machines. Our facility will be a mixture of the latest strength equipment and conditioning tools from around the world. We have chosen world-class dumbbells from Watson in the UK and all our strength machines are from primefitness USA. Which has a new patent technology called smart cam and torque arm. This allows members to change the strength curve of an exercise safely so that they can recruit more muscle fibers meaning better results. You will only find this equipment at Elite!



At Elite Fitness we will become the best in the Middle East because our facility will be the home of education for both our clients and members. We will be inviting world class educators and presenters from around the world on a yearly basis to present to our trainers and clients the latest fitness, nutrition and lifestyle information. Our aim will be to educate our trainers to a world class standard so that our members and future prospects will be in no doubt who the leaders and innovators of fitness are within Abu Dhabi and Middle East. As well as education for our trainers we would also like to be involved in providing a world class education system for people wanting to gain entry into the fitness world as personal trainers.

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