Month: May 2018

Workout Plan


ARE YOU DRIVING ROUND IN CIRCLES BECAUSE YOU DONT HAVE A ROAD  MAP? Here are 2 of the main reasons you might not be getting results in the gym: 1-NO TRAINING PLAN. 2-CHANGING TRAINING PLANS TOO OFTEN. the trouble with having NO plan: THE SAME AS DRIVING IN A NEW CITY WITHOUT A ROAD MAP […]

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Wider PullUps

BUILD more MUSCLE with INCREASED frequency!

Training frequency for building muscle: Having been in and about gyms and fitness facilities for the last 20 years I do know a little about lifting weights and training for building muscle naturally. I say naturally because, lifting weights, bodybuilding or specifically the latter has always dominated peoples opinions of how to train. Unfortunately this […]

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Wider PullUps

How Can You Increase Your Pull Ups

Leading S+C coach Chad Waterbury works with MMA stars, figure athletes and weekend warriors alike.  He believes the pull up is the ultimate test of strength relative to bodyweight, and a true measure of physical prowess – below is his simple and swift method of increasing your performance. Of all the upper body exercises that you can choose from, the […]

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Flat Bench Dumbbell Press

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