Sorry to BURST your FAT BURNING bubble!



Just because you fasted 15 hours does not mean you are burning fat if you train before Iftar. It could take up to 3-4 days of fasting without any food to burn through all your stored carbohydrates. However, you can still give yourself the best opportunity to burn more fat by reducing calories and carbs during Ramadan. easier said than done with all the temptations.

If we think about this sensibly. If you have eaten dates, bread, rice and sweets the previous evening. Then guess what you are burning as fuel the next day? GLUCOSE!!! Its simple. The body will want to break down those stored carbs as fuel as its much easier and more efficient for the body.

Now let me give you some tips to really burn fat during Ramadan:

1-reduce carbs to only 50g.  You would be best to have these carbs either before or directly after your workout.

2-eat more protein and fat with salads with your remaining meals.

3-Train with weights after 10pm as this will ensure your burning glucose as fuel. End your session with about 10 sets of intervals to ensure your burning even more Glucose!

Try this strategy throughout Ramadan to maximally burn FAT in Ramadan.

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