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Workout Plan


ARE YOU DRIVING ROUND IN CIRCLES BECAUSE YOU DONT HAVE A ROAD  MAP? Here are 2 of the main reasons you might not be getting results in the gym: 1-NO TRAINING PLAN. 2-CHANGING TRAINING PLANS TOO OFTEN. the trouble with having NO plan: THE SAME AS DRIVING IN A NEW CITY WITHOUT A ROAD MAP […]

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Wider PullUps

BUILD more MUSCLE with INCREASED frequency!

Training frequency for building muscle: Having been in and about gyms and fitness facilities for the last 20 years I do know a little about lifting weights and training for building muscle naturally. I say naturally because, lifting weights, bodybuilding or specifically the latter has always dominated peoples opinions of how to train. Unfortunately this […]

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Sorry to BURST your FAT BURNING bubble!

RAMADAN MYTHS Just because you fasted 15 hours does not mean you are burning fat if you train before Iftar. It could take up to 3-4 days of fasting without any food to burn through all your stored carbohydrates. However, you can still give yourself the best opportunity to burn more fat by reducing calories […]

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Wider PullUps

How Can You Increase Your Pull Ups

Leading S+C coach Chad Waterbury works with MMA stars, figure athletes and weekend warriors alike.  He believes the pull up is the ultimate test of strength relative to bodyweight, and a true measure of physical prowess – below is his simple and swift method of increasing your performance. Of all the upper body exercises that you can choose from, the […]

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Flat Bench Dumbbell Press

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